In great partnership, the best of ideas are born.
BFW is committed to providing value for money to customers through high quality products and services. A lot of our success is based on the support of our vendors. BFW enjoys strong goal-oriented partnerships with its 500 vendors across the globe in our pursuit to enable progress.
Vendors are our key pillars
Our commitment to quality, value, delivery, and price ensures that we establish a win-win equation with our vendors. We do not compromise on world class components sources from reputed manufacturers that assure us unmatched performance.

We always work with partners who follow ethical standards and respect the supply chain relationship with honesty and integrity.
'Jagruti' Vendor Development Programme
'Jagruti' Vendor Development Programme

At BFW, we strongly believe in clusters. We collaborate with vendors to create synergistic innovations for our common growth. We see collaborative problem-solving and best-practice sharing among all stake-holders as the key to delivering greater value to our clients.

Through its ‘Jagruti’ (the awakening) Vendor cluster development programme, BFW has been able to harness the power of clusters by grooming its vendors (now a cluster member) in a personalized and focused manner to stand up to the challenges of next-gen & global standards of excellence that are shaping BFW in its relentless drive towards realizing Vision 2020's goals of global outreach and overall business excellence.

Under this programme, vendors are imparted training through classroom training and on-site demonstrations in the following areas:

  • Housekeeping techniques
  • Quality tools and techniques
  • Problem solving methodologies.

Personalized attention is the hallmark of every Jagruti programme with significant focus given to achieving excellence in quality, cost and delivery against set benchmarks and standards. The programme will also recognize and reward members with consistent performance, to be reviewed in the form of a presentation by each individual member to the BFW Apex Review Committee.

Significant awards to be won are: -

  • Best implementation for reduction in rejection levels
  • Best performance for achievement of zero defects
  • Overall improvement in housekeeping activities.

BFW has always been known for quality machines, and under its Jagruti programme, we have tried to get our vendors to also embrace quality adherences and best practices, with the view to making a difference to the machine end-users.

BFW will continue to hand-hold vendors in its relentless drive to strengthen the manufacturing eco-system in our country, and to play its part as India’s leading machine tool manufacturer in the most effective manner.

Some of the key material with the name of its make is
provided below in alphabetical order
Ball Screw  
Chip Conveyor  
CNC System  
Electrical parts  
Hydraulic power pack  
Linear motion guide  
Machine cladding  
Pneumatic parts  
Telescopic cover  
Tool magazine  
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Vendor Guidelines
  • Maintaining high ethical standards.
  • Compliance with the law of the land, especially with regard to employment, environment health, safety, child labour laws, and working conditions.
  • Maintenance of data privacy and protection of intellectual property.
  • Honesty and fairness.
  • Commitment to value, quality, service and price.
Sourcing Principles
  • Providing value.
  • Practicing honest and fair principles.
  • Promoting healthy competition amongst suppliers.
  • Encouraging new suppliers.
  • Collaborating with suppliers to propagate and enhance knowledge.
  • Creating awareness about social responsibility.
Become a Vendor

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