December 13,2018
SB Pattern: Solution provider for medium to large-size aluminium and wooden patterns

Company: SB Patterns
Product Range: Pattern machining, Shell moulded component machining, general

365bet体育网址SB Pattern, one of the well-known pattern makers in Belgaum Karnataka, started in 1984 with all conventional machines. To meet the customer and industrial demands, SB Pattern got into CNC world in 2011 by purchasing their first CNC machine BFW BMV 60.

365bet体育网址Soon over the period of two years, the company added one more CNC machine BFW BMV 65 in 2013. In 2018 the company reached another milestone by adding BFW Virat 1020 Double Column machine in their infrastructure.

“We have many C frame VMCs but having a Double Column machine provides us the opportunity to grab lot of new businesses that we could not have undertaken previously. Now, we can meet the demand of customers for bigger size patterns,” says Mr. Rajendra Badiger of SB Patterns.

The Virat 1020 is the smallest Double Column machine in the Virat series. It has strokes of 2000mm in X, 1000mm in Y and 800mm in Z. The table load carrying capacity is 3000 kg. The series has total ten products covering up to X stroke 6000mm,Y stroke 3000mm and Z stroke 1000mm. The table load carrying capacity is up to 16000 kg.

This is for BFW internal use only do not circulate outside The series offers modular spindle design i.e. inline motor drive, belt drive and gear drive which provide flexibility for various cutting conditions. He also continued saying, “Virat 1020 is so accurate and reliable that the machining time in actual matches the estimated machining time. This has helped us to plan our capacity properly and commit to the customers accurately. The machine comes with BT50 6000 rpm spindle that gives ample cutting power and torque for machining. The machine has wide open door which helps in easy loading, unloading and setting of bigger size components.”

365bet体育网址The machine has opened the door to look beyond the pattern making and expand the business in different domain like Die & Mould machining.

13-December-2018 SB Pattern: Solution provider for medium to large-size aluminium and wooden patterns know more  

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